Friday, October 9, 2015

Science & The Institute of Manufactured Consensus

It seems like one of the core tenets of the common skeptics of unconventional, non-mainstream lifestyle advice such as the kind blogged about here, is that one must have the weight of SCIENCE to back up one's assertions or you're just a bloviating blowhard, advocating lunacy to the detriment of those foolish enough to follow such advice.

Advice like avoiding GMO-grain based foods; getting regular sun exposure without sunscreen at mid-day; refrain from ingesting fluoride in toothpaste and fluoridated public water supplies; or eating saturated fats, whole-fat dairy, salt, red meat and mercury-laden ocean fish etc., will usually be met with at least a few folks saying "Wheres your links to peer reviewed science?"

Here's the problem with these SCIENCE based attacks on such advice...if one spends enough time doing relevant key word searches on PubMed, one can almost find seemingly corroborative evidence from research articles, abstracts, journal entries and other peer-reviewed documents on any topic they like. 

I received the following comment on my old Fluoride post back in 2010 :

"Just some evidence fluride works. I could spam research all day at you HL. Typing 'water fluridation' into PubMed (with filters for systemic reviews and clinical trials) produces over 5000 results."

All one needs to do, is to begin actually reading the contents of a few of those results to discover that in fact all 5000 results do not prove that "fluoride works." What you do in fact find, is a wide variety of results indicating all sorts of recommendations and conclusions. What one really needs to consider when reading PubMed articles are the following variables: 1) Who is financing and conducting the study; 2) what was the methodology used in carrying out the study (statistical chicanery or the actual use of the scientific method?); 3) what was the conclusions drawn from the study; 4) do the conclusions actually match the results of the experiment or study?

Read enough PubMed abstracts and peer-reviewed articles, and you'll begin to see a pattern. You can find articles that will state a hypothesis to justify the research, read the methodology involved in conducting the research, and in fact see that the research reveals either corroborates or disqualifies a particular hypothesis...and the conclusion will be vague or inconclusive, or that further research is required. This is very common when the topic you are researching is already widely considered to be "settled science." But not always. Sometimes, you can in fact find PubMed articles that clearly support a politically incorrect hypothesis and it draws conclusions that go against the prevailing wisdom of conventional, consensus-derived wisdom.

Other means of corrupted and compromised PubMed studies involve studies with blatantly corrupted variables - such as conflating margarine and butter in a single categorical designation as "fats" or studying  red meat consumption by surveying respondents on how much pizza and hamburgers they've eaten in the last year.  Using experiments with such categorical errors is common, but usually does not inhibit "science journalists" and "professional nutritionists" in making recommendations based on conclusions from such inherently flawed studies.

Beginning with the topic first referenced by Anonymous comment five years ago, let us take a closer look at how PubMed does in fact contain corroboration for a few of the more common "conspiracy theory" topics regarding health and nutrition.


Developmental Fluoride Neurotoxicity: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

"A recent report from the National Research Council (NRC 2006) concluded that adverse effects of high fluoride concentrations in drinking water may be of concern and that additional research is warranted. Fluoride may cause neurotoxicity in laboratory animals, including effects on learning and memory (Chioca et al. 2008; Mullenix et al. 1995)."

Exposure to fluoridated water and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder prevalence among children and adolescents in the United States: an ecological association

"Parents reported higher rates of medically-diagnosed ADHD in their children in states in which a greater proportion of people receive fluoridated water from public water supplies. The relationship between fluoride exposure and ADHD warrants future study."

Additional research is warranted! In the meantime, I'll take a pass and continue to avoid fluoridated toothpaste.

Genetically Modified Organisms  


There's a lot of mis-formed dis-information on the topic of GMOs. Mice genes spliced with jellyfish genes to create rodents that glow in the dark, or papaya crops genetically modified to resist crop destroying diseases are all aspects of the topic of genetically modifying organisms for various, purported reasons. Some of these GMO experiments have indeed given some supposed benefit to humanity...but that's neither here nor there.

All you really need to concern yourself with when it comes to this topic is simple: It's all about GLYPHOSATE.

The majority of the Big Agricultural Industrial Complex feed producers that manufacture 95% of the ingredients found in all processed - fast - convenience - junk food, is based on GMO crops, modified to survive repeated glyphosate pesticide spraying. If you really do a thorough search of PubMed, you'll find a lot of articles documenting the real problems with GMO's and what they are doing to human health.

Major pesticides are more toxic to human cells than their declared active principles.

"Despite its relatively benign reputation, Roundup {glyphosate} was among the most toxic herbicides and insecticides tested."

Glyphosate, pathways to modern diseases II: Celiac sprue and gluten intolerance

"Celiac disease, and, more generally, gluten intolerance, is a growing problem worldwide, but especially in North America and Europe, where an estimated 5% of the population now suffers from it. Symptoms include nausea, diarrhea, skin rashes, macrocytic anemia and depression. It is a multifactorial disease associated with numerous nutritional deficiencies as well as reproductive issues and increased risk to thyroid disease, kidney failure and cancer. Here, we propose that glyphosate, the active ingredient in the herbicide, Roundup(®), is the most important causal factor in this epidemic.Fish exposed to glyphosate develop digestive problems that are reminiscent of celiac disease. Celiac disease is associated with imbalances in gut bacteria that can be fully explained by the known effects of glyphosate on gut bacteria."

Glyphosate, pathways to modern diseases III: Manganese, neurological diseases, and associated pathologies.

"Manganese (Mn) is an often overlooked but important nutrient, required in small amounts for multiple essential functions in the body. A recent study on cows fed genetically modified Roundup(®)-Ready feed revealed a severe depletion of serum Mn. Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup(®), has also been shown to severely deplete Mn levels in plants. Here, we investigate the impact of Mn on physiology, and its association with gut dysbiosis as well as neuropathologies such as autism, Alzheimer's disease (AD), depression, anxiety syndrome, Parkinson's disease (PD), and prion diseases."

Glyphosate induces human breast cancer cells growth via estrogen receptors

"Glyphosate is an active ingredient of the most widely used herbicide and it is believed to be less toxic than other pesticides. However, several recent studies showed its potential adverse health effects to humans as it may be an endocrine disruptor....

...These results indicated that low and environmentally relevant concentrations of glyphosate possessed estrogenic activity. Glyphosate-based herbicides are widely used for soybean cultivation, and our results also found that there was an additive estrogenic effect between glyphosate and genistein, a phytoestrogen in soybeans."

Sure seems like there's a lot more to this topic than just the fevered rantings of my fellow Conspiritards who believe in Food Magic and are consumed with paranoia about Biotech in the food supply...

Seafood, Mercury & Selenium

Let us consider another topic near and dear to my palate, the mercury content of seafood:

Selenium and mercury in pelagic fish in the central north pacific near Hawaii

"Protective effects of selenium against mercury toxicity have been demonstrated in all animal models evaluated. As interactions between selenium and mercury and their molar ratios in seafood are essential factors in evaluating risks associated with dietary mercury exposure, considering mercury content alone is inadequate."

Omega-3 fatty acids, mercury, and selenium in fish and the risk of cardiovascular diseases

"Fish consumption is associated with lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Some fish species also contain methylmercury, which may increase cardiovascular risk, as well as selenium, a trace element that could counter the effects of methylmercury or have beneficial effects itself. These potentially conflicting effects have created public confusion about the risks and benefits of fish consumption in adults. We examined the evidence for cardiovascular effects of fish consumption, particularly effects of marine omega-3 fatty acids, methylmercury, and selenium. Compelling evidence indicates that modest fish consumption substantially reduces cardiovascular risk, in particular cardiac mortality, related at least partly to benefits of omega-3 fatty acids."
As I told you more mercury!

Sun Exposure, Sunscreen and Vitamin D 

Of all the ideas I ever try to discuss with other people in teh real life regarding politically incorrect health and nutrition topics, this one is the hardest to overcome the average sheeple's regularly scheduled programming.

The Sunscreen Industrial Complex is the most formidable front in the war on Vitamin D and good health. You can find 10000000000+ articles on PubMed regarding sun exposure and skin cancer, or the efficacy of sunscreen in preventing sunburn etc. But hidden amongst all the pro solarphobia articles, you will still find a few that make the same arguments I've made in the past for prioritizing proper sun exposure as a key measure in attaining good health:

Sunlight and vitamin D for bone health and prevention of autoimmune diseases, cancers, and cardiovascular disease.

Although chronic excessive exposure to sunlight increases the risk of nonmelanoma skin cancer, the avoidance of all direct sun exposure increases the risk of vitamin D deficiency, which can have serious consequences.

Sunlight, UV-radiation, vitamin D and skin cancer: how much sunlight do we need?

"Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin for good reason. During exposure to sunlight, the utraviolet B photons enter the skin and photolyze 7-dehydrocholesterol to previtamin D3 which in turn is isomerized by the body's temperature to vitamin D3. Most humans have depended on sun for their vitamin D requirement. Skin pigment, sunscreen use, aging, time of day, season and latitude dramatically affect previtamin D3 synthesis. Vitamin D deficiency was thought to have been conquered, but it is now recognized that more than 50% of the world's population is at risk for vitamin D deficiency. This deficiency is in part due to the inadequate fortification of foods with vitamin D and the misconception that a healthy diet contains an adequate amount of vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency causes growth retardation and rickets in children and will precipitate and exacerbate osteopenia, osteoporosis and increase risk of fracture in adults. The vitamin D deficiency has been associated pandemic with other serious consequences including increased risk of common cancers, autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases and cardiovascular disease. There needs to be a renewed appreciation of the beneficial effect of moderate sunlight for providing all humans with their vitamin D requirement for health."

The takeaway from all this, is that PEER REVIEWED SCIENCE as referenced by those who consider PubMed to be the holy scripture and the be-all-end-all arbiter of authoritative proscriptions for human health and nutrition, is never "settled." One can always find conflicting reports to back up whatever assertions they wish to prove with PEER REVIEWED RESEARCH.

The ultimate point is to manufacture consensus to produce a coordinated narrative that cannot easily be fact checked, so as to confuse interested laymen and laywomen researchers with a plethora of conflicting articles and abstracts, so as to hide the truth amongst a blizzard of mis- and dis- information. It's hard to discern what is truth and what is lie when their are 5000+ conflicting search results to sift through, so most sheeple take the path of least resistance and comply with our regularly scheduled programming.

But if you look carefully through all the doctrine and scriptures of the Holy Church of Peer-Reviewed Consensus, you can find enough heretical content to justify and rationalize anything....which is why I usually don't bother with citing articles on PubMed as a means of proving anything to skeptics.

No matter how many search results can be referenced in the archives at the Instituted of Manufactured Consensus, I'll continue to stick with my conspiritard food magic and  avoid fluoridated water and toothpaste (no cavities yet), I'll continue to avoid GMO feed as much as possible (I've never felt better,) I'll continue to get sun exposure at mid-day with no "protection" (haven't been sunburned in years,) and I'll continue to eat as much seafood as I damn well please (no apparent signs of mercury poisoning other than the existence a blog chock full of raving lunacies...).

As always, take this all with a grain of salt, N=1, your mileage may vary, etc.

Don't take it from me, I am no Doctor...I only play one on teh Interwebz.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Resistance is Personal

I awake with the first rays of the rising sun shining through the windows of my abode. Since I don't have scheduled work by my official employer, the alarm on my dumb flip-phone is not set, so as to enjoy sleeping through every last second of available pre-dawn darkness.

Upon arising, I take a three minute cold. Shockingly abrupt when I stick my head under the chilling spray, but deeply relaxing and soothing after the initial shock wears off. Positively energizing.

After toweling off, I grab my non-fluoridated, all natural toothpaste and give the pearly whites their daily scrubbing. Then I apply my all natural, cotton and baking soda-based underarm deodorant, before proceeding to get dressed.

Turning off my bedrooms incandescent bulb lighting,  I leave the bedroom to enter my kitchen.

There, I fill up my stainless steel tea kettle with purified reverse-osmosis filtered water from my ceramic water dispenser, then put it on the stove and turn it on to high.

As the water starts to bubble and hiss, I measure out my daily dosage of fresh-roasted, organic Sumatran coffee beans into the grinder and rinse out the french press in preparation for the water that is about to scream from the boiling kettle.

Once the coffee has been ground and the boiling water added and then pressed, I cautiously take that first glorious sip of unadulterated and potently-caffeinated, Arabican nirvana. As I savor that first cup of the day, I log on to teh Interwebz and commence the days reading of the news through the lense of the reactionary fever swamps of our little corner of the blogosphere.

As the old Chinese curse goes, we are all blessed to be living in interesting times.

After the first cup is done and the perusal of the fever swamps are completed, it's time to get cooking for the family.

I enter the kitchen and grab the coconut oil-coated, cast iron skillet from the overhead rack and begin heating it up on the stove top, and begin to prepare my planned breakfast for the day: uncured, free range pastured pork bacon; free range, grass fed all-beef keilbasa sausages; and fritata made from eggs, crimini mushrooms, hawaiian sweet onions and peppers, kerrygold grass-fed dairy butter, and then topped with Muenster and Asiago cheese and fresh ground pepper and hawaiian red-clay sea salt.

While the pan is heating up, I quickly head outside to throw some non-GMO, organic scratch to my chickens and check the egg box for the day's batch of fresh-laid eggs.

Once breakfast is complete, and I'm sufficiently fueled up for the days labor, I pack a cooler of glass-bottled water, some tin cans of coconut water and my pau hana micro-brew, and head outside to do the days planned projects. For even though I have a day off, country life out in the Hawaiian boondocks is one that always has some work that needs doing. Boredom and sloth is not an option...but I wouldn't have it any other way.

For most of us, we have a morning routine. This is mine, with the only difference being on a scheduled work day, it all takes place before the sun rises, so that I have time to commute through traffic hell to earn my share of usurious fiat company store scripts to keep my family fed, sheltered and to also pay my tolls and tariffs to our Babylon System's overlords.

While it is a routine, it wasn't always so, and when I used to live in upscale suburbia and lived my professional life as a desk jockey in the cubicle farms of encorporea, my routine was a much different affair with a much different mentality ascribed to it.

But rather than bore you with another listing of my old routine for comparison to my current one, here's a list of reasons why I came to this current routine, all thanks to my years of study at the University of the Autodidact:

* Arise with the sun to harmonize my Circadian Rhythm and get better sleep

* I use a flip phone to limit surveillance activity by our Brave New World Order's digital-driven Panopticon

* Cold water shower for benefits of thermogenic therapy on tired and sore muscles

* Avoiding fluoride ingestion from most common brands of toothpaste

* Avoiding aluminum silicate and other substances found in most common deodorants and anti-perspirants

* I stockpiled cases of incandescent bulbs when it was announced that they would be discontinued in favor of those mercury-laden, harmful-spectrum UV emmitting Compact Fluorescent Lights.

* Since coffee is some of the most pesticide dependent crops in the world, I pay extra for high quality, certified organic fresh roast.

* I threw out all of my toxic, teflon-coated aluminium cookware and now use onlyl cast iron, ceramic and stainless steel cookware.

* All my dairy, eggs and meats are sourced from as much grass fed/free range/minimally processed foods as possible, while all the oils and fats used in cooking are saturated and abundant in fat soluble nutrients.

* I pack my drinking water in old glass whiskey bottles, as I try to avoid drinking plastic BPA-tainted bottles.

* Coconut water is THE ELIXIR OF THE GODS. When you sweat, your body excretes many trace vitamins and minerals that are vital for optimal function. Sports drinks simply replenish the water, sugar and sodium...along with giving you a dosage of a bunch of other synthetic, laboratory derived additives and ingredients like bright colors and calorie free sweeteners. Coconut water replenishes all that plus a whole host of other nutrients you lose from sweating - like magnesium, potassium, manganese, copper, etc. In the time before I discovered coconut water, I just don't know how I made it through another day of physical labor under the hot Hawaiian sun and humid climate.

Anyhow, the point here is that my daily routine is quite deliberate and there was initially a lot of thought behind every task I do. And this is just a small part of how I ended up figuring out what processes I needed to run and what processes I needed to delete, to ensure the best possible operation of my system in a world full of toxins and poisons designed to sap our will, destroy our health and render us enslaved to the programs THEY have designed for us.

As I've noted before, this is what it means to me to incorporate that which I have learned and distilled from all this time reading and writing on teh Interwebz: "Seek the truth. When you find it, order your life accordingly. This is the only path to emancipation from the systemic enslavement of our Brave New World Order."

Viva la resistance!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Rotten to the Common Core

One of first times I ever dipped my toes into the fever swamps of conspiritard-land on teh Interwebz, was from reading the writings of Nancy Levant, Joan Veon, Alan Stang and a number of other columnists and authors over at NewsWithViews. That was my first encounter with what I thought at the time was the most ludicrous idea I had ever encountered at that time in my life: that the end goal of the NWO and the system of public education in the USA Inc., was to comfortably merge the USA and the USSR.

Almost a decade later, I now consider it a core truth of our Brave New World Order. The merging of all nations into our present dystopia proceeds apace!

There's a damn good reason I've really minimized my online time and blogging here these past few months...for I've come to the realization that all of the knowledge I've accumulated, read and wrote about out here in the fever swamps of the reactionary blogosphere, has to be put into action so that I can make the best of what I can for me and mine in our crazy train of a derailing society. To create an oasis of sanity in a desert of lunacy for my offspring.

The biggest part of trying to accomplish that, is taking on the greatest task that is now commonly outsourced by most Parents, to the leviathan-Borg that has wrapped it's tentacles around everything that we as humans hold dear: educating the minds of the next generation, and teaching them HOW to think.

In short, the effort to avoid inculcating my offspring's minds with the Brave New World Order's conformity programming to effect the manufactured assembly line of sheeple production, has taken over a lot of the free time I used to spend reading and blogging.

I have no choice. I know THEY are going after our children and trying to get to their minds at the youngest possible age THEY can, so as to suck them into it's vortex of corruption of base depravity indulgences, unquestioned belief in the fiat reality-weaving by our mass media, and the deliberately engineered arresting of the development of the human mind, body and soul. 

Of course, it's been going on for decades now, as any parent knows...that is any parent who has studied the difference between phonics and "whole language" protocols for teaching kids how to read.

Those early attempts to dumb down we the sheeple had some success, but there were still far too many sheeple that overcame these first attempts at degrading the average level of literacy amongst the masses, so they've had to step up their efforts and wield the iron fist of top-down bureaucracy of the Federal Government, and impose common core curriculum on every corner of the USA Inc.

Having searched for appropriate curriculum to use for my own homeschooling efforts, I have gone through a number of resources, including a number of new textbooks based on Common Core Standards. A standardized curriculum to prepare kids to take standardized tests so as to standardize their minds throughout the entire standard process.

I call it SJW programming 2.0.

Oh those devious bastards. THEY are developing new and improved ways to fuck up our children's minds. They create an entire curriculum designed to frustrate the parent trying to teach their children with a legion of mind-numbing and stultifying "exercises" and "activities" all designed to steer parents away from teaching the old tried and true pedagogical educational methods of rote memorization mathematics and phonics-based literacy. Only they've figured out that enough parents have heard of their deliberate dumbing-down curriculum, so they've co-opted the tried and true methods of classical education and subtly inserted their programming into a multitude of  home school curriculum plans.

For instance, instead of "A - Apple - Ah" it's now: PHONICS ARE FUN! Workbook page after workbook page of colorful illustrations with "phonics" exercises such as: CIRCLE ALL THE OBJECTS THAT BEGIN WITH THE 'Ah' SOUND. NEXT, CIRCLE ALL THE ANIMALS THAT DON'T HAVE THE 'Ah' SOUND.

Woe to the parent who unknowingly thinks they are giving their kids that 'phonics-based' education they heard so many good things about, while ignorantly administering such stultifying garbage to their progeny.

And the math? I felt myself getting dumber just for reviewing it.

Of course, whether it's reading, writing or math, the most common features of this "common core" based "homeschool" curriculum is the adherence to the holy script of SJW vibrant diversity on every page. All examples and illustrations of humans, families and relationships always have rainbow inflected depictions of vibrant tokenism.

"Manuel Hernandez Camacho has 6 candy bars, Shaniqua Abdul-Ahman has 4 candy bars and Chen Li Wong has 2 candy many candy bars should they have the police man take from Michael James Thompson to make sure the world is fair, the environment is conserved and people of the same gender who love each other can get married?"

Yes, I'm exaggerating for polemic effect here....but not by much. Hey, it's a small world afterall!

Kindergarten 'history' includes tales of evil whitey selling sacred hyphenated Americans at the slavery auction block, while 'science' courses include stirring sermons on the sanctity of vaccinations throughout the history of managing our healthcare. Environmentalism, feminism, consumerism, materialism, equality, conformity, mindless obedience to's all there.

No, I will not name any names nor brands nor publishers. Do YOUR homework if you are that serious about educating your own children. Common core is nothing new, it's the same old conformity brainwashing indoctrination under a new veneer. Need proof of my assertions? Just do what you always need to do when trying to seek out the truth of any matter: follow the moolah.

Be aware that  you can't avoid it simply by homeschooling....unless you learn to discern the same infiltration of home school curriculum with the exact same SJW programming 2.0 that is the real core of what THEY are trying to accomplish. THEY have figured out how to outsource their institutionalized brainwashing operations from the public school institutions to the homeschool parents themselves.

Don't fall for it.